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3 Easy Ways to Practice Kindness in Your Everyday Life

Life can be difficult, but the best way to get through it is together. By showing kindness toward others, you can improve their day while also feeling good about yourself. Practicing kindness can also benefit you in the long run, as kindness is often returned. Whether you are being kind to a friend, family member, or stranger, kindness is a simple way to show others that you care about them. So be considerate of other people’s time, feelings, wants and needs and spread kindness.

1. Give Compliments

Oftentimes, when people see someone with a nice outfit or new haircut, they feel shy to speak up and say it. But the truth is, compliments make everyone feel good. Compliments also don’t need to be restricted to physical appearance. Sometimes the most sincere and meaningful compliments are those that show you were attentive to their behavior. For instance, you may want to compliment someone on their ability to explain clearly or their communication skills. Compliments are an excellent way to show you notice and appreciate who they are.

2. Offer to Help Others

Another way to practice kindness is to offer to help. As you go about your day, find people who may look like they need assistance. Offer to help an elderly person with carrying their groceries or see if you can help your friends or family members. Even doing small tasks for other people can make their day. Helping others may even involve going out of your way to do something nice for them, but at the end of the day, it is almost always worth it.

3. Encourage People Around You

As human beings, we are all often unsure of ourselves. At times like these, we could all use some encouragement and support. Encouragement can be anything from calling your friend to encourage them to take a new job to sending a letter of encouragement to a new employee. You can also encourage others by offering words of wisdom. For instance, you can wear an Effie and Co. tee shirt with a clever phrase that is inspiring to those around you.


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